6 - Spores Network Ecosystem

GameFi & Metaverse Launchpad

The main feature of Spores Network is a comprehensive multi-chain launchpad (BSC, Polygon and Ethereum), where high-quality blockchain games and metaverse projects will be able to raise funding. The launchpad will also hold IGOs, INOs, IDOs and land sales, as well as provide early-stage access to investors who want to be a part of promising projects.

Incubation Projects

GameFi and Metaverse projects brought into the Spores Network ecosystem will be supported under the guidance of expert advisors who will assist in marketing, blockchain technology and financial management. This focus on incubating game entrepreneurs and their teams helps equip them with the skills needed to run a successful blockchain studio, as well as promote and launch their first INOs, IDOs and IGOs through our Launchpad. Spores team has an extensive network of partnerships in the crypto industry, leading startups on the pathway towards success.


Spores also develops its own Metaverse (Sporesverse) incorporating entertainment IP and corporate brands across many Metaverses, generating revenue through advertising, media and event activation opportunities. We also acquire and monetise virtual land in cross-chain Metaverses through sales, rental, hosting entertainment events and other means of NFT financialisation.


Spores’ ecosystem is powered by an aggregator marketplace in the realms of art and entertainment. All NFTs dropped on Spores are aggregated across different platforms such as OpenSea, Binance NFT and Coinbase NFT to expand the universe of potential buyers.
We’ve also launched Republique – a virtual museum, NFT retail space and sculpture parque, which attracted lots of interest from people both in crypto and in the general world. As stated by our Executive Chairman: “This place is built for people who truly love creativity in all its forms – art, entertainment, and games. We have built our meta experience so that creators, collectors, and retailers can immerse themselves in a world of nearly limitless options that unleash the creation of truly unique and custom dream galleries. For collectors, this is an incredible space to showcase your collection, offer pieces for sale, and discover new portfolio additions,”
The platform also houses a Gamestore dedicated to GameFi and Metaverse projects. This platform is being seeded with 10 games in early Q1 2022 and has a schedule of 2 new games per month ongoing. Spore’s GameFi Launchpad is dedicated to launching high-quality P2E games through INOs and their in-game assets – including land transport, weapons, skills, character sales, and more.